Starbucks Insulating Cup Stainless Steel Vacuum Cup Tea Cup Business Office Coffee Cup Portable Hot Water Cup Men and Women with Handle Tea Cup Stainless steel insulation cup is designed with food grade stainless steel high vacuum thermal insulation layer for heat preservation and scald prevention, bringing you a safe and healthy experience. The cup can be used to make tea, hot coffee and hot water. This cup can be carried at home, in the office and on the trip. Long term thermal insulation for 6-12 hours. The secret food grade high-quality silicone rubber ring for thermal insulation/cold insulation is sealed. The thermal insulation seal is watertight, effectively preventing heat loss. The thickened precision process is used for thermal insulation/cold insulation. The double-layer liner is used for thermal insulation, and the surface is smooth. The leakproof and anti-skid design and the smooth edge of the cup mouth bring the perfect experience of drinking water comfortably. Anti slip handle design, easy to pick up and put down, more in line with modern life philosophy. The cup liner is made of high-quality stainless steel, which is not easy to rust and deformation, and is safer to use. The advanced sliding cover insulation cup has a new upgraded gray sliding cover with a drink hole on the top for sipping. 304 tea hourglass is designed as a separate tea hourglass, which is convenient to make tea and drink.

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