LED Light Ceiling Fan 360° Rotation 60W LED Ceiling Fan with Remote Control, 360° Rotation, Cooling, Electric Lamp, 3 Speed ​​Chandelier for Room Decoration, 60W Ceiling Fans with Lights and Remote, Adjust LED Fan Lamp for Kids Room, Small Ceiling Fan Dimmable LED Light for Bedroom The upgraded fan bulb has a memory function. When you turn off the bulb with the switch, wait more than 7 seconds, and then turn on the bulb; the bulb fan will maintain the previous setting. If you use the remote control to turn off the bulb and use the remote control to turn on the bulb, the bulb fan always maintains the last setting, and the interval between turning on and off the bulb is unlimited. And it can supply air in 360 degrees. The fan light uses E27 standard screw-in socket, which can be easily installed on any 27 bulb base. Installation and replacement are very easy. The ceiling fan adopts a cage shell, which is safer than ordinary ceiling fans especially for low ceilings and bunk beds, which can protect children from the danger Easy to operate-both remote and switch can control the bulb fan, and the fan bulb has three modes, fan independent, LED independent, fan and light work together. Through the remote control can also achieve dimming, change the color temperature (3000K-6500K) timing and change the fan speed. Application-Our ceiling fan bulbs can be used in garages, tool rooms, etc. In addition, our fan bulbs provide three fan speeds (soft, medium and strong), which you can adjust through the remote control to meet your needs. For example, in summer, it is difficult to install a ceiling lamp fan in the garage. However, the weather is too hot. Our ceiling fan bulbs are a good choice. With the lamp holder, it can work well

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