9w Rechargeable Emergency Bulb COB light with 1 Lithium Battery 18650 9w Rechargeable Bulb COB light BL-603 working light Outdoor & Indoor camping fishing night mini lamp rechargeable emergency light portable mobile light very High Quality includes 2 lithium Batteries 18650 Power Off, Light On - Our rechargeable light bulbs work as regular led bulbs, when there is a power outage, our bulb is still on, and will light for up to 2-4 hours, you will never be left in the dark again. Multi-Function, Not Only Bulb - This emergency light bulb is portable, and widely used as a normal bulb, camping light, flashlight, warehouse light, etc. Save Up Electricity Costs - Our rechargeable light bulbs can self-charge when daily use. That will perfectly replace your regular LED light bulbs. Our bulbs with energy-efficient LED chips, save up to 80% The latest E27 rechargeable bulb 603 emergency light, unique appearance, with telescopic hook. New PC material, better temperature resistance and more beautiful The lamp holder is charged within 4 hours, Faster charging and better use of battery capacity Price for 1pc 4.5$ and 5pc for 20$

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