Key Chain Cob Light & mini Bottle Opener Portable COB Work Light Keychain Flashlight Rechargeable Camping Lights Mini Bottle Opener Screwdriver Flashlight with Cutter Multifunctional: bottle opener, key hole, intelligent electric display, screwdriver, safety belt cutter; Four grid power display: monitor the power usage in real time. When the power is insufficient, be ready to charge it at any time Type charging: built in fast charging chip, faster charging Polymer lithium battery: built-in polymer lithium battery, long-lasting battery life 800mah high-performance lithium battery, battery life of 5 hours, standby for 90 days); It has a wide irradiation range and can be used as an automobile inspection lamp. Charging: TPC fast charging interface Light color: white light 320lm yellow light 340lm yellow and white light 900lm Battery life: 2-5 hours Lamp wick: main lamp COB+ auxiliary lamp 2*3030 Waterproof: life waterproof Brightness: 900LM Weight: about 59g Power supply: built-in polymer lithium battery (800mAh) Material: ABS+PS+Aluminum Life waterproof: not afraid of wind and rain, microwave stamping depth waterproof. 7 gears: yellow and white strong light-yellow weak light-white strong light-white weak light-red light-red light flash-long press super strong light;

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