Rechargeable 40cm Led Human Body Sensing Intelligent Light 20cm Led Human Body Sensing Light, Rechargeable Three Color Dimming Light With Wine Cabinet, Wardrobe Light Strip, Ultra-thin Intelligent Night Light TypeC charging Improved design: Our 40 cm extra long LED under-unit light with unique lighting method and 74 pieces high-quality LEDs provides more stable and more light source, protects eyes and reduces fatigue. The 5000K-7000K LED lights are suitable for cabinet, wardrobe, undercabinet, drawer, workshop, bookcase, attic, stairs, basement, hallway, headboard, pantry, bedroom, etc. 4 lighting modes: Night detection mode: only lights up when a person is detected in a dark environment. ② Tag detection mode: lights up as soon as human is detected, ③Always on, ④ Off; 4 working modes. The cabinet light of the motion sensor meets all your different needs. The energy efficient and environmentally friendly motion sensor ensures an extra long life for your night light. 1500 mAh battery capacity and USB-C rechargeable: Built-in 1500 mAh rechargeable LED kitchen under-unit light battery with larger battery capacity than other LED light cabinets, easy to charge with USB-C cable. The charging time is 2-3 hours and the service life in continuous light mode is 6-12 hours. It can be used for 2-3 months in induction mode without worrying about frequent charging, which saves power, resources and time! Brightness adjustable: to control on/off and color temperature, long press for infinitely dimmable (adjustment range is 5%-100%). Using the memory function, the cabinet light remembers the last set light intensity and light color the next time it is switched on. It can meet almost all your different needs in different situations.

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