2MP Dual Lens WIFI Bulb Camera R1-20U WIFI Bulb Camera Dual Lens ICSee Security Protection Color Night Vision 4MP Wireless Smart Home Camera ICSee Full HD 2MP Indoor WIFI Wireless Camera Dual Lens 5x Hybrid Zoom 360 Light Bulb Security CCTV Camera 2.0MP Full Color Double Lens Zoom PTZ Light Bulb WiFi Camera E27 Light Bulb Security Camera(Dual Lens), 10XHybrid Zoom Wifi Light Bulb Camera, Two-Way Talk Voice, Color HD Night Vision, Tracking, Sound And Light Alarm, Panoramic Light Bulb Camera 360°(2.4Ghz) Wireless WIFI light camera is equipped with 4pc IR LED and 8pcs white lights, with two night vision modes, IR night vision and full color night vision, providing super clear images even at night. This dual-lens bulb camera simply installed in the E27 lamp holder, and then connect the camera and can be used through the APP, no additional wiring and use USB charging, fast and convenient. When APP turns on the automatic alarm function, the camera automatically triggers sound and bright light alarm to warn intruders when it captures abnormal dynamic objects, and motion track tracking, while pushing to your phone in real time. With the APP, you can rotate 355 degrees horizontally and 90 degrees vertically without blind spot monitoring, and the combination of dual lens and hybrid zoom technology ensures the best vision and perspective when zooming in and out. The bulb camera has a built-in microphone and speaker, so you can always be able to communicate with people and pets. The WIFI bulb camera only supports 2.4GHz WiFi, WiFi. cloud storage and TF card storage, but cloud storage requires separate payment, it is recommended to purchase a memory card to use, convenient video storage and playback. If the first connection prompts to reset the device, please try to reset and then reconnect.

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