Rechargeable 20cm Led Human Body Sensing Intelligent Light 20cm Led Human Body Sensing Light, Rechargeable Three Color Dimming Light With Wine Cabinet, Wardrobe Light Strip, Ultra-thin Intelligent Night Light TypeC charging Battery capacity: 1000mahPower: 1WCharging time: 3hNumber of lamp beads: 30Luminous flux: 100LMWeight: 110 5g Constant light time: 7 hours Induction time: 2-3 months Product material: aluminum alloy Actually installed in the bathroom. After more than 20 people have been using it for over 3 months, it still works normally .Light color temperature: 3000K/warm light+4000K natural light+6500K/white light USB charging cable Double-sided tape lighting options, perfect combination of 10% -100% brightness and 3 light colors You will definitely enjoy the 'press to lighten or darken' feature, which allows you to accurately select the desired brightness and color within a few seconds. Wide applicability: Lightweight and compact, you can place it anywhere you need bright light. For example, continuous lighting in kitchens and garages; Illuminates immediately when the doors of the cabinets and storage rooms are opened; Or when passing through the stairwell or bathroom, do not turn on the headlights to illuminate the surrounding environment. Easy to install: No drilling, no tightening, no tearing/bonding of metal brackets for hanging cable installation is a piece of cake. The back magnet can be directly installed and disassembled onto steel containing products. Three modes available The mode button is specifically set on the side, making the operation extremely simple. 1. Normally open mode; 2. Daytime sensor mode (day or night); 3. Night sensor mode in dark areas. The sensor is very sensitive and waiting for you at any time. Material Selection Aluminum shell, magnet long metal strip, bright light beads, modern and practical. Highly sensitive motion detection, with a detection distance of 5-6 meters, a detection range of 120 , fast response speed, and instant illumination.

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