Wireless Smart Remote Control Air mouse Smart Remote Control 2.4G, Menu Button, Compatible Mini for Projectors for Computer for TV Boxes 2.4GHz wireless remote control designed for easy control for smart television/Android TV boxes/PC and more devices. Plug and play, simple and convenient, will bring you a lot of convenience. Ergonomic of mouse, will replace fixed computer mouse and infrared button remote control, allowing you to easily manage position of the computer and TV most suitable for you. Holding mouse and rotating wrist converts cursor to movement on screen, allows you to control computers, projectors and other entertainment devices. 2.4G wireless connection through USB receiver, plug and play, enjoy up to 10 meters of remote wireless control. Wireless mouse with built‑in axle gyroscope, gravity acceleration sensor and fidelity voice input, it can perform functions of traditional remote control, computer mouse and game motion controller for platform. Plug and play micro receivers compatible with person computer, projectors, TV boxes, home theater person computer, etc.

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