Smart Wifi Solar Alarm by tuya WiFi outdoor solar energy Alarm intrusion infrared induction audible and visual alarm. When the intruder enters the sensing area, the device sends out 120 dB audible and visual alarm, and transmits information at the same time. The mobile phone has a detection distance of 9-12 meters, intelligent recognition of people, repeated shaking judgment, flashing prompt in dangerous areas, and daytime and night alarm mode; It is easy to install without wiring, and is widely used for outdoor anti-theft alarm and alarm prompt in dangerous areas (such as construction area, pond, high-voltage danger, etc.) remote mobile app control; 24-hour warning mode, with sound and light; 24-hour silent mode, light and silence; intelligent judgment does not alarm during the day, and enters the warning state at night disturbing mode, silent alarm at night; whole process waterproof patented structure, easy to install, without debugging and wiring detection angle 110 degrees detection distance 9-12 meters pet interference false alarm 25kg adopt digital design judgment and zero false alarm patented Fresnel lens is adopted to effectively overcome the false alarm of sunlight interference

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