Pictet Fino ROMIX Portable Camping Shower RH53 Is made of UV protection non toxic PVC ,Environment friendly, holds up to 5 gallons, enough water for multiple showers The black PVC absorb sunlight then heat the water, especially suitable for outdoor activities The handle of the bag can be reinforced by the hard plastic tube .It can be hung on the car or tree branches to take a bath when you are camping or hiking Equipped with a tap, it is very convenient to control water yield This shower bag can be folded away into a small size for easy storage Materials: PVC or others like plastic, PC and more Upper and lower inflation rings provides extra stability Durable and lightweight Holding water for shower 3 hours under the sun, water, temperature will up to 36 degrees In summer to 48 degrees Suitable for camping, bath, shower head, flow control, hanging cord and hook Product Weight: 0.328 kg Product Dimension: (L x W x H) 41 x 41 x 24cm

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