PiHot P30 MAX Drone GPS visual positioning brushless ESC Dual Lens Drone GPS positioning, three types of automatic return to home, brushless motor, electronically adjustable lens, extremely stable hovering, private model product, dual cameras, exquisite packaging "P30Max is equipped with triple positioning of GPS, visual positioning 2.0, and air pressure altitude control, which can achieve automatic return to home on low battery, return to home out of control, and return to home over long distances. Equipped with a brushless motor, P30MAX has stronger wind resistance and flight speed, manual Paired with instructional videos (scan the QR code to watch), it saves worry and effort when selling products. GPS positioning, visual positioning 2.0, triple return to home, auto-follow, auto-circle, auto-cruise, dual cameras, foldable body, air pressure altitude setting, direction fine-tuning, headless mode, three speeds, one-button takeoff, one-button landing, gestures Photo taking, gesture video recording, dual camera switching, APP control, photo taking and video recording, portrait following, digital zoom, gravity sensor, VR mode Body battery capacity: 7.4V 2200mAh Remote control battery: built-in lithium battery Charging time: ≈180min Flight time: <28min Accessories Drone*1 Remote Control*1 Drone Battery*1 USB Charging Cable*1 Screwdriver*1 Spare Fan Blade*4 Hardware Configuration Camera parameters: 4K dual camera HD ESC angle: 90° (no gear break) Motor: 1503 brushless motor*4 Hovering system: Dual-mode GPS positioning + visual positioning 2.0 + barometer height determination Flight control system: PiHot2.0 flight control "

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