eWeLink Sonoff Dual (R3) Sonoff Dual (R3) 2-gang WiFi smart relay with power meter and roller shutter mode Sonoff Dual R3 Dual switch w/wifi power measurement for switches Sonoff Dual R3 Lite is a smart Wifi switch module with two built-in relays. Turns standard switches into smart switches, allowing remote control of devices via smartphone or voice commands. It is compatible with lights, appliances and motorized devices such as blinds, curtains, blinds and awnings. It offers three operating modes: switch, motor and meter. Switch mode is for standard devices, motor mode is for scheduled motorized devices, and meter mode allows independent control of two devices simultaneously. With a voltage range of 100-240V AC, each channel can deliver up to 10 Amps (maximum 15 Amps total). Maximum load per channel is 1 Amp for blind motors or similar inductive loads. It easily integrates with your existing wireless network , allowing remote control, scheduling and communication with other devices in your smart home. Enjoy convenient and efficient control of your electrical appliances, making your home smarter and more comfortable with Sonoff Dual R3 Lite.

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