Smart 63A eWeLink Breaker 1p Ewelink 1P+N 63A WiFi Smart Switch Energy Meter Kwh Metering Monitoring Circuit Breaker Timer Relay for Smart Home This circuit breaker also has a built-in power monitoring function with various protection triggers, such as maximum Ampere, Volt or Watt. The app allows the entering of the electricity unit rate, thereby enabling you to monitor consumption as well as cost in real time. Ewelink App 1P 63A Rail DIN WiFi Energy Meter Intelligent Power Consumption kWh Circuit Breaker Switch remote control anytime from anywhere Program/timer/loop timer energy monitoring, set the price of the power unit, can calculate the energy consumption of the household device Power threshold values / current / voltage preset per application. Once the current / current in real time reaches the threshold values, the connected electrical devices will be automatically switched off. Voice control for Amazon Alexa and Google Home

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