Cool Towel RH20 Pictet Fino (Romix) Ice Evaporative Sports Gym Cooling Towel Drying Cool Towel Outdoor Sports Fitness Sweat Absorbing Cooling Towel - Blue QUICK DRYING COOL TOWEL OUTDOOR SPORTS FITNESS SWEAT ABSORBING COOLING As long as the fabric is soaked with water, the cooling properties can be activated by shaking the towel Solid color design, simple but fashionable Lightweight, convenient to carry, and space-saving Soft towel, comfortable, and skin-friendly Great water/sweat absorption effect, dry the body off quickly Cold experience, relaxation and enjoyment Size: 30cm*120cm Fiber+ 55% nylon cold yarn + polyester 45% cold yarn Running/leisure time/fitness/climbing RH24 Ice Evaporative Sports Gym Cooling Towel Adopt the latest cooling fabric, soft and breathable, comfortable to use The advanced 3D honeycomb braiding technique Quickly evaporative cooling, can absorb sweat and remove heat Unique cycle cooling structure allows for continuously long-time sense of cooling Physical cooling, no harmful to skin Wet the towel in clean water, then twist it gently and swing it to activate the cooling effect Even you wet the towel with hot water, it will cool down right after being wrung and swung Effectively prevent 98% UV radiation, protective index up to 50+ Come with a pop can for conveniently storing the towel Suitable for sports and gym use

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