3MP WiFi Dual Lens Security Alarm Outdoor Camera Q23 Alarm System & Flash light 3MP WiFi Dual Lens Security Outdoor Camera Wireless 360° PTZ Camera 2-Way Excellent waterproof effect, protects your digital camera lens against normal impact. Excellent optical action camera is hardened to prevent scratches and ensure that the applicability of larger products, especially when there are discharging or lifting a lot of photo image. Experience the dual screen display so you can see a more realistic picture. Monitor two monitoring screens at the same time to ensure that no corners are overlooked, allowing you to focus on areas of interest while maintaining a full panoramic image. With an outdoor 360° PTZ camera, you can view a wider range and have full control over your monitoring scene. Smart alert mode offers advanced features such as human detection and smart tracking, which can tag individuals with a picture frame or line marker as they appear in the video. Receive instant alerts on your smartphone/tablet/computer via the app to keep you connected and informed. Outdoor cameras for home security also have built-in microphones and speakers to support two-way calls. With its waterproof rating, this camera is able to withstand all weather conditions, ensuring reliable performance in any environment

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