Hidden Camera, Body Camera, Small, Ultra-Small Camera, 1080p Image Quality, 180° Rotation Lens, Single Recording, Night Vision Function, Long Time Recording, OTG Performance Compatible, Overwrite Recording, Camcorder, Outdoor/Entryway/Indoor Security, Small Security Camera, Meetings, Meetings, Evidence Photography The small camera has good image quality, and the recording performance is high resolution with a resolution of 1920 x 1080P, and a frame rate of 30 fps, so you can get smooth videos even when objects are moving. (180° Rotation Lens) The lens is designed to rotate 180°, making it extremely easy to adjust the lens to the subject, and capturing large vision during recording Can also be used as a voice recorder! ) You can record alone. This function can be used in any situation, such as creating mementos, meetings, and collecting evidence of each kind. (Automatic Overwrite Recording/Hidden Camera) When the microSD card is full, you can set it to overwrite old data. (*MicroSD card is compatible with up to 256 GB and is not included. Equipped with a high performance lithium battery that supports up to 150 minutes of recording time and charging while recording. ● Lamp turns off while recording. Automatically saves video every 10 minutes. ] Night Vision Recording Spy Camera: The infrared night vision function is equipped with 6 infrared LEDs (invisible), so you can record clearly even at night. Night vision up to approximately 9.8 ft (3 m). (Easy to Operate & Convenient Slide Switch) Easy to set up, recording, recording and night vision buttons are separated, so you can quickly respond to any situation you want to record. A small hidden camera that can record for long periods of time OTG Performance & No APP Required: The ultra-compact camera allows you to check videos without having to connect to a computer. Connect the camera to your smartphone via OTG adapter and the included USB cable to check the content of the video file (NOT Android). OTG adapter not included. Time Stamp Function: This function allows you to display the date and time of the recorded footage. It is a very convenient feature that allows you to display time stamps up to seconds for accurate evidence Small spy camera practical & portable: This small body camera is unusual and is sized (3.1 x 1.0 x 0.5 inches (80 x 26 x 12 mm)), ultra-lightweight 0.9 oz (27 g), and is designed with a back-clip design, so it can be used in a variety of occasions. The camera fits perfectly in your hand and can be carried anywhere in your bag or pocket. You can clip it to your clothes or bicycle when you go out, or place it indoors on a writing desk, pen holder, or bookcase. It can also be used for business meetings, meeting notes, or during classes.

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